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Staff leasing services

Staff leasing services


This service is relatively new to the Bulgarian market. In 2008, no more than 7 or 8 companies which provided this service on the Bulgarian market. Then this activity was not yet subject to regulation (licensing and direct control) by the state. Nowadays companies providing staff-leasing service in Bulgaria are hundreds.

Staff Leasing is when the recruiting agency CIG Bulgaria Ltd. places members of your staff on its own (CIG’s own) payroll. Thus, the recruiting agency – CIG Bulgaria Ltd. becomes the legal employer, responsible for timely and correct processing of the payroll, payroll-related taxes and social security, and adherence to the applicable labour legislation and the Labor Code.

How the staff-leasing service scheme with us works?

  • CIG Bulgaria signs a service agreement with your company;
  • CIG Bulgaria also signs labour contract with each employee who will be leased to your company;
  • The employee works for CIG Bulgaria and is officially seconded to your company;
  • CIG Bulgaria pays the employee each month, on a gross salary basis, incorporating any bonuses or adjustments that you have requested, this is done in full coordination with you and your HR department;
  • CIG Bulgaria also pays all employment taxes, pension fund and other contributions required by the related labour and tax legislation;
  • CIG Bulgaria issues comprehensive monthly invoice and report detailing the leased services by persons hired, departments, cost centers, etc. (your defined criteria);
  • You pay on a monthly basis the services charged by invoice, which includes the actual expenses made related with the monthly payroll, plus the service fee.


Advantages for the companies, using staff-leasing service

  • Flexibility with the headcount;
  • Total operational control of employees with minimal administrative burden;
  • Flexible obligations to the employees;
  • You will have our full guarantee that you are compliant with the Labour and Tax Code, and all applicable tax and labour related laws and regulations;
  • Transfer of the administrative and accounting workload to external platform and enabling you to focus on your business;
  • Considerable reduction of your responsibility as an Employer, and the volume of operational and administrative work;
  • Changes positively the structure of your P&L;
  • The staff leasing solution helps you to stay focused and grow your business;
  • Ensures the proper adherence to the fast changing and complex amendments of the labour laws and regulations.
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What is the exact definition for staff leasing?
It is an alternative for employers to manage the administrative functions of their workers.  Client companies enter into a contract with the Professional Employer Organization to hire their workforce.These may either be newly hired employees or longstanding personnel.

This outsourcing scheme, if applied to all staff practically reduces or eliminates significantly the activities and responsibilities of the department “Human Resources”, but unfortunately the maximum percentage of leased staff, unlike other jurisdictions and countries,  in Bulgaria is limited to a certain limit -30% between leased and own staff, which cannot be exceeded. The Enterprise providing the temporary workers” takes full responsibility for wages and all charges and deductions for individual elements of remuneration, as well as the management of all relevant risks.

Main advantages for our Clients of staff-leasing service

  • Reliability due to our gained  experience over the years;
  • A wide range of positions which we can provide – from the lowest levels of blue-collars, to high executive and managerial positions;
  • We haven’t a firm sectoral profiling, so we provide staff from all sectors of the economy,and for all professions, for which the service is allowed by the applicable laws;
  • We have experience with staff leasing, providing this  service not only for companies in Bulgaria, but successful projects with other countries of the European Union;
  • In connection with our experience in accounting and corporate finance, we offer advice and work on budgeting, effects calculations and, projections to the key performance HRM indicators;
  • Based on the observations of our customers and partners, our price to quality ratio is one of the best on the market;
  • We maintain a very good financial and resource security, wе never start new projects which we are not secured in terms of needed resources;
  • We don’t accept new projects, from which the service quality will suffer.