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Payroll services

Our payroll services include:

  • payrollRegistration of the labor contracts with the National Revenue Agency;
  • Processing payroll reconciliation, company’s salary payment forms, and the individual pay slips;
  • Preparation of payment orders  for net salary, social security per the respective paragraphs and funds,  and the income tax;
  • Disbursement of funds under an appropriate power of attorney;
  • Preparation and filling of the company’s tax returns and social security declarations (Declaration 1 and 6). Submission of declarations to NRA with electronic signature;
  • Preparation of reports for HR and accounting  purposes;
  • Interface between the payroll system and your accounting software for automation of the accounting booking, related with the monthly payroll reconciliation per elements;
  • Assistance and representation during  audits (internal and external);
  • Compliance reviews;
  • Complete outsourcing solution for the civil contacts in the client’s organization;
  • Our payroll services are flat-fee based, the monthly fee is a fixed amount for each employee in the monthly payroll, with no limitations for the staff-turnover or the number of the references issued, etc.
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What do we do for you regarding payroll services?

Part of our job is to make your business more profitable. The most of the small or medium sized businesses spend too much time and money addressing the administrative needs of the organization, and not enough resources on what it takes to expand, grow and to be profitable.

 Having trouble managing your payroll and staff administrative tasks?

Annoyed and hassled by these non-core functions that you’re not able to focus on your company’s core strengths?

Don’t worry anymore! CIG Bulgaria Ltd. is the perfect outsourcing solution for all your company’s problems related with the administrative part of your business.

CIG Bulgaria Ltd. will take care instead of you for all administrative activities in this area, in order to release time and resources to focus on the main, revenue generating activities.


How do we work regarding the delivery of the payroll services?

First, we establish a co-employment relationship with you, based on high level of mutual trust and maximum respect of your interest. Shortly said, we are getting in your shoes about the payroll. We take over the responsibility for most of your employee administration duties.

The confidentiality of the information related with our Customers is of key importance for us. Our understanding is unless specifically authorized, we don’t disclose any information about our Clients to third parties.


The benefits of your work with us in the payroll-services area are:

  • short response time and finalization of payroll-processing, without affecting the quality;
  • complete, wide range standardized monthly reporting package, as well as individual reporting, according to customer needs;
  • high accuracy, timely accrual, processing and sending to the customer of the salary and social security data;
  • flexibility regarding the dates for payment of salaries, according the corporate standards of the customer;
  • broad experience in wages and salaries of foreign nationals and foreigners from third countries (non-EU); filing annual tax returns of individuals – foreign nationals residing in Bulgaria;
  • preferential terms for the senior management of the customer, individual advices and services under a corporate contract for payroll-services with CIG Bulgaria;
  • development of interfaces to the ERP system to the client for generation of files for automatic import and automatic posting of the salary data by people, cost centers and departments / divisions.