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Why Bulgaria

Bulgaria as a country in South-East Europe, member of the European Union since 2007. It has intelligent people with a European mentality, who fit really well in the whole European picture.

The most important advantage Bulgaria has right now is its people.

Further to this, it is not a surprise why Bulgaria occupies the leading position is the charts for most preferred outsourcing destinations Worldwide.

Bulgaria is a preferred destination for the foreign companies operating in Bulgaria, providing:

  • skilled and educated labour force at a very competitive cost;
  • corporate income tax and personal income tax at 10% flat rate, which is the lowest in the EU zone;

Based on the above competitive advantages, Bulgaria is a preferred destination for the foreign investors for registration a company for tax optimization purposes.

„CIG Bulgaria“ Ltd. is active in the outsourcing services market since 2008, and provides professional accounting services, payroll, tax consulting, services for formation of a new company in Bulgaria, staff-leasing and recruitment services.

„CIG Bulgaria“ Ltd. is an intelligent toolbox for the foreign investors, providing outsourcing of some of the main administrative activities of its clients.

Our competitive advantages are: profound technical knowledge and expertise, with emphasis on the finance and accounting’ , multinational experience, quick respond times, flexibility; excellent price to quality ratio; reliability, service platform based on a sustainable corporate values, strong set of skills, loyalty and trust to our clients.